Planning Your Wedding with Photography in Mind: First Look

What is a First Look!?

First Looks are when you choose to see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony, in a private and intimate moment.

First Look or Not? What do we lean towards?

Jamie and I highly encourage First Looks for many reasons (shared below), but we also *totally* support it if you decide you’re most excited about seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day while walking down the aisle at the ceremony.

Reasons to do a First Look:

1. Take away nerves earlier in the day

I woke up with a knotted stomach on our wedding day, thinking, why doesn’t anyone tell you that this happens? Jamie and I had a First Look a couple hours before our ceremony which instantly took my nerves away and helped me feel much more relaxed and at ease the rest of the day.

2. Keeps the moment intimate and private

Whether you’re more introverted or you just want to keep this moment intimate and private, First Looks can be an amazing option for couples.

3. Helps with the timing of your day! 

When you’ve already seen each other, you can also add in family photos, wedding party photos, and some couple portraits all before the ceremony. Then after the ceremony, you’ll have more time to enjoy visiting with guests.

Traditional, Walk-down-the-aisle:

If you or your partner has always anticipated seeing each other for the first time while coming down the aisle, then this could totally be the right option for you. It might even bring out more sweet emotions with that anticipation. Our advice if you choose to see each other for the first time this way: think about having your ceremony earlier in the day so that you have plenty of time before your reception to get family photos, wedding party photos, and couple portraits.