We have pretty rad clients. Here are some of the kind words they’ve shared about their experiences.

LindsayJay (1 of 1)


When I sat down with Lauren and Jamie for coffee it was like seeing friends that I hadn’t seen in years, and we just met. If you are looking for amazing photos, you can obviously see that they take the most amazing photos. But there are a lot of photographers out there that also take amazing photos. If you want your wedding day to run smoothly, if you want your guests and wedding party to come up to you and tell you how wonderful and sweet your photographers are, if you want your family to tell you that your wedding pictures look like they are from a magazine, if you want the WHOLE PACKAGE wedding photographer… go with Jamie and Lauren.


There aren’t enough words to express how happy we are that we choose Jamie and Lauren to capture our special day! We are IN LOVE with both our engagement pictures and wedding pictures, they are perfect, they are beautiful. Jamie and Lauren are both so talented. They did a wonderful job capturing the evening, when we go back through our photos it’s like we are reliving our wedding day (: beyond that, they are two of the kindest people we’ve ever met! They made things so much fun and were amazing to be around! It felt like they were dear friends instead of photographers (and that’s how I still see them, as dear friends that will always have a special place in my heart!) choosing Eichar Photography was the best decision we made for our wedding.


Lauren and Jamie are incredible photographers. They are a regular couple like you, which makes you feel completely comfortable in front of their cameras. They were incredibly easy to work with and so much fun. The best part about their photographs is that they capture the moments and the feelings of your day. They take great portraits which really tell the story of the couple. You can tell the love that my husband and I share from their photos. I’m telling you, looking back at the photos I completely get to relive my wedding day. I see my emotions of love, happiness, and nervousness. They capture all those feelings and more. Every photo they took is one of my favorites which is a problem when I’m choosing which ones to print and put up on my walls! They are just that good!


Lauren and Jamie are not only amazing people but incredible professionals to work with!! We had our engagement photos taken with them and we originally had a different wedding photographer; we were absolutely blown away by their work that we chose to cancel our contract with our original photographer and switch to Eichar Photography for our wedding! From incredible and fast communication with clients, to their friendliness, to their love and passion for their careers, to being comfortable with them instantly when shooting our engagement photos, anyone would be silly not to choose this amazing couple!! Our wedding was in Indiana and we loved them so much that we wanted them to travel from St. Louis, Missouri to our wedding! Their website is breathtaking and their photos captured our wedding and engagement perfectly! Eichar Photography was the best vendor we have EVER worked with and the best part of our wedding!!!!


Lauren and Jamie are the absolute best! Their work is just beautiful and they are willing to explore, hike, climb, and adventure to find the shots that fit with your vision. We loved working with them and could not be happier with the photos of our engagement and of our big day!!