Our Trip to New Zealand!

Two weeks of this incredible country and we were wowed the entire time.

We were lucky enough to have our close friends, who live in Christchurch, plan the majority of the trip for us. They did not disappoint! In fact, every time we left a place, we were talking about when we’d get to visit it again next time. Mmm… next time… already thinking about when that will be.

The South Island is where we spent most of our time. We rented a camper van for 10 days of our trip and were happily surprised by New Zealand’s many “Freedom Camping” zones, set up for camper vans to park for free overnight.

Spent five days with Brooke and Chandler (here’s their wedding that we shot two years ago). With them, we hiked, kayaked, hammocked, played with sting rays and wild pigs, ate amazing food, jumped into a freezing lake, and much more.

Spent three days with two super sweet, new friends, Chris and Meagan, who had their camper van break down right after we met at Milford Sound. We adventured hard with them– our favorite and last day with them was hiking under the Milky Way until the sun rose at Roy’s Peak. After we got down the mountain in the afternoon, we parked our cars under gorgeous willow trees in Wanaka and napped hard (good at both) before saying goodbye to each other. They also live in CA, so we’re excited to see them in the States soon.

Our days just the two of us were incredibly special. We were taking time off of work, so we really enjoyed being completely out of work mode and just having quality time together. It reminded us of our Hawaii honeymoon in a lot of ways.

Alright, now for some of our favorite photos from the trip:


Your photos are all so beautiful. I love the warmth and softness.

So amazing!! We’re so glad you guys came to visit!