Our Wedding!! // By Phil Chester Photography

I thought it would be fun to share our own wedding photos on our blog! We’re celebrating four years of marriage this weekend, so we’re coming back to the photos that show the start of our marriage. Our wedding. The best day ever. Low key, Seattle summer vibes, all of our favorite people celebrating with us, bbq dinner, DIY everything, so much laughter, lots of dancing, and most of all, the sweetest moments with my new husband and partner in life. We decided on that day to make our marriage our #1 priority and we really have done that. We’ve gone through lots of challenges together, we’ve grown a ton together, and we’ve made incredible memories together. Weddings are about the start of something big and meaningful: marriage. And marriage with you, Jamie Eichar, is freaking dope. I can’t imagine doing life any other way. I love you and I’m so glad we get to keep learning and growing together.