Our 2020 Camping Trip

Well, 2020 has been really tough and crazy in a lot of ways, but this camping trip completely turned our year around. We bought a roof top tent, booked several campsites along the west coast, and took off towards Seattle, where we got to spend time with family at a distance.

We fell in love with Portland on the way– wow that city is incredible!! First time seeing Crater Lake and Mt. Rainier and they were both even more gorgeous than expected. We figured out how to transition Addie to cheaper dog food (score!). We blackberry picked like crazy and made s’mores almost every night! We learned that Addie LOVES the beach so now we’re trying to get her as much beach time as possible (we are obsessed dog parents). We got to meet our newest niece, Skye, who is so awesome and so cute. We got to stay at a gorgeous airbnb cabin on the Skykomish River. On the way we booked a few incredible and unique photo shoots, which was really fun– like this tugboat engagement session and this Mt. Rainier elopement!

So grateful for this trip taking us out of the weirdness of this year and helping us realize that it’s going to be OK.. we’ll make it through this time and we’re so lucky to have opportunities like this camping trip that make life feel so full and good.


Part two. Family time in Seattle…