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frequently asked questions

What's your shooting style?

We shoot documentary style, meaning photographing moments as they happen. We’re hands off most of the day and hands on during portraits, making sure you feel comfortable being yourselves while directing you into natural poses.

How many images do we get?

Depending on the number of hours you hire us for, we range from 500 – 1000 photos.

When do we get our images?

We get photos back 4-8 weeks after your wedding.

How much will we be spending to hire you?

Our lowest wedding package is $4500, but on average most investments end up at around $6000. Reach out for our full pricing guide. 

What can we do with our images?

We give you the rights to post, share, and print as you please as long as you’re not selling them for a profit.

What is your travel fee?

Our travel fee depends on your wedding location but usually ranges from $100 – $1000 within the 50 states. We’re based out of the Bay Area—anything within an hours drive isn’t considered a travel fee. Let’s talk about your destination wedding outside of the US!

How do we book you?

Get in touch with us! We’d love to talk more and make sure we’d make a good fit. Once we have chatted we would want to move forward with a contract and a 25% deposit.

Got any wedding planning tips for us?

Absolutely! So much of the schedule revolves around the photography. We’d love to be a resource for you in your planning process.

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