Who the heck are Lauren and Jamie?

We are a down to earth, kick-ass husband + wife wedding photo team for the adventurous couple.

meet the eichars



(written by jamie)

Lauren’s got a way of turning every couple into good friends. She’s sweet, playful and loves our business so much. Lauren grew up without television—something she and her siblings voted on together. Instead, her family had a rock climbing wall on the back of their house, a slide down the stairs, and a room full of yoga balls to play in. Lauren’s got the goods for understanding photography. She doesn’t see things like the average person; she notices the small things, the moments that really matter. I love seeing the surprises she captures each session!



(written by lauren)

Jamie’s got an easy-going nature and the biggest heart. His photography looks and feels like art. He cherishes the sweet and simple moments, and gets fired up about nature, dogs, and deep conversations. It’s a really beautiful world with Jamie in it. He looks at life as a classroom to learn and grow in, and lives mindfully. Jamie was a dad before he was a dad. He asked for socks for Christmas and made any baby or kiddo in a room light up with his goofy faces. Now that he’s a dad I can confirm he’s the best dad in the world to our baby, Avett.





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Our life in a few photos...

We consider ourselves the luckiest people getting to live and work in California, photographing in some of the most beautiful places in the world. We recently had our baby, Avett Eichar. We named Avett after our favorite band, The Avett Brothers! We met at their concert back in 2010! :)

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