Yosemite Engagement Session // Jen + Eric

Now that we get to shoot in places like Yosemite it can sometimes feel almost unfair. Like how lucky are we that these backdrops are a few hours from us?! We started our career in the amazing small city of St. Louis and got to know the few local parks so dang well there that it felt like we were living a little bit of groundhogs day with every wedding and shoot. But we learned how to push ourselves creatively, to connect with clients in meaningful ways, and to focus on the unique moments without having epic landscapes to work with. After 6 years there, we moved to California where instantly we were provided with diversity in locations, wedding styles, couples, and lighting/weather. Every shoot is so different from the last and we are given the amazing opportunity to show off couples’ gorgeous love in gorgeous places. We’re so grateful for the foundation that our years in St. Louis gave us with this business and we carry all of our lessons and priorities with us even into our sessions in epic places. A friend/client posted this in her stories and it really got me because I never want to take for granted that we have accomplished so many of our life + business goals because of this move out west: “Remember when you wanted what you currently have?” … anyways I’ll leave you with that and maybe it will resonate with you in your own way.

Loved getting to adventure with Jen and Eric around Yosemite National Park for their engagement photos. Get ready for golden light and sweet, sweet cuddes… 🙂

Yosemite Engagement Session