Carmel Wedding + Folktale Winery Reception // Lauren + Riley

Lauren + Riley were the first couple to book us for a 2020 wedding when the pandemic was in full force. We were rescheduling weddings left and right for a year out and our 2020 was looking like we’d have 3 weddings total – the ones we’d photographed before the pandemic. We got on zoom with these two and started helping them plan a cliffside wedding ceremony with a sweet winery reception and it was the brightest spot at the beginning of the pandemic.

Our summer and fall went on to have over 20 of these small, intimate, perfect elopements and we couldn’t feel more grateful to be busy and to be celebrating love during this crazy time. Lauren and Riley were the trendsetters and showed us how to help plan a one-of-a-kind wedding which opened up doors for the rest of our couples to plan their dream weddings too. We are so lucky to be trusted now not only with couples’ wedding photos but also with a lot of the planning as they navigate the new normal for a 2020 wedding.

Lauren and Riley made their wedding day all about their friends and family which makes for such an intimate and special day. I was in awe of the love that was poured on Lauren and Riley on this day from the speeches, to tight squeezing hugs, and the way they looked on as these two started this next chapter. These moments made me nostalgic about our wedding day. While Jamie and I danced, the closest people in our lives surrounded us in a small barn and while we ate dinner, our best friends and family members shared hilarious stories and incredibly loving words with us. And since that day they have given us awesome support individually and in our marriage.

Weddings are one of the only times that you have all of your favorite people together in one place to celebrate you as a couple. But the support you get from everyone after the wedding day continues on in such sweet ways. My aunt sends us anniversary emails every August 17th, our friends check-in and ask how we’re doing often and listen if we need to talk things out, our families are there when we need them and let us stay with them during our money-saving years. It’s amazing and beautiful to have support like that and we feel so lucky. Thanks Lauren and Riley for reminding us of all of this through your sweet wedding moments.

Everything about this day was stunning from the locations, to details, to sweet moments with Lauren + Riley’s close friends and family. I can’t wait for you to see their wedding photos!

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