Yosemite National Park Elopement // Mo + Mike

Before Mo and Mike reached out to us, we didn’t know we were missing out on a Mo and Mike in our lives. They quickly became friends of ours and made us feel like actual rockstars. They are the kind of people that lift you up, cheer you on, and write this text to you after getting their photos and video back, “you guys honestly don’t know how hardcore fans we are of your work. We both said we need to do whatever it takes to help your business grow!!”. It’s absolutely mind blowing that we have clients that are next level kind and supportive like this. This job brings amazing people into our lives like Mo + Mike and it’s why I am so grateful for the career path we chose.

Side story… I prioritize building strong relationships with our clients and taking good care of our clients because our experience with our wedding photographer made me feel like we were on the bottom of his list of priorties. I’ve never opened up about this because the last thing I want to do is bad-mouth a fellow photographer (plus, he got amazing shots of our day). But I’m honestly grateful for the experience because it has showed me exactly how I want to do things differently for our clients. I don’t want to miss out on fully showing up for our clients and making them feel important. Our clients are so important to us.

Back to Mo + Mike. Over a couple of phone calls, Mo and I worked on the beginning plans for their small elopement in Yosemite and more importantly, we figured out that we have the same favorite scents. We love the same candle from Anthro and use the same Native deodorant. Soul sisters, I’d say. Plans shifted back and forth until we were able to nail down their lodging situation and then all of a sudden everything fell into place. They booked an airstream stay at Yosemite’s AutoCamp where we got to start the day with them, then we stopped for some sandwiches in Mariposa, and headed off to Yosemite National Park for the most fun adventure with these weirdos (also brought our dog Addie!). After some good ol’ inappropriate joking and forcing these two into the most PDA they’ll ever experience in their relationship, we made some magic with them and captured a day that I’ll never forget.

In true Mo and Mike fashion, the day ended with the most incredible showering of gifts. Mike took our 2020 Holiday card photo and Mo handed us a beautiful mustard yellow (my favorite color) bag that she knit herself, with wine and a candle inside.

25 years of knowing each other, and it’s time to celebrate these two and shower *them* with all of the love. Can’t wait for part 2 with you, Mo + Mike. Bring your onion goggles!

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