Mt. Rainier Elopement // Ali + Dexter

I spent a half day with Ali and Dexter in the Redwoods at the Avenue of the Giants for their engagement session last year and this year was yet again another INCREDIBLE adventure to celebrate their love. We hiked 5.5 miles for pure, incredible beauty up at Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout and the best sunset I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Not kidding… the buttery light rays lasted for two hours over the mountain range and we soaked in every second– dancing around, reading love letters, and taking in the views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding mountains. I love spending time with our couples and really getting to know them. I love learning things like the fact that Dexter has every word of the Hamilton soundtrack memorized. And that Ali sees her job as her *dream* job– she’s a nurse that helps new moms learn to breastfeed right after giving birth! She also LOVES trees more than anything (that’s why we shot in the Redwoods for their engagement session) and that her favorite food in the world is mac and cheese. Dexter and I graded every fast food chain based on the best french fries to worst, and were pretty much on the same page which sealed the deal with that friendship. We got into the enneagram during both their engagement session and this hike and if you get me on the topic of the enneagram.. you know I’m going to be INTO it. 🙂 Just like Ali, I think I have the dream job and feel so lucky to get to spend time with amazing people on days like these. I loved weddings *so much* before 2020, but there’s something so special about an intimate wedding in 2020 and I will treasure these weddings for my whole life because of the life that they give me during a challenging year. 🙂

Ali and Dexter, you are two of the sweetest people and I’m so glad I got to take your photos in two ridiculously beautiful places this past year.