Planning your Wedding during COVID-19


A lot of couples are having to change their wedding plans due to Covid-19. We can’t imagine how frustrating that process has been for those who spent hours planning an incredibly important event, then having to reschedule it and in some cases re-plan it.

We’ve seen our couples handle their wedding planning and rescheduling in different ways: some are holding off on their big wedding until 2021, some are deciding to cancel the big event and have a small, intimate wedding in 2020 instead, and some are rescheduling their wedding to 2021 and are also celebrating their wedding with a small intimate ceremony in 2020.

There are lots of ways to adapt and shift plans, and with so many couples planning a smaller elopement now, we thought we’d share some tips for planning a wedding in 2020.

First, let’s talk about the WHY. Why plan a wedding during a Pandemic?

1. It might be really important to you that you still get married this year and that you don’t let COVID change that fact.

2. You might see this as an opportunity to plan something even more special and more intimate with the closest people in your life.

3. You might be an introvert thinking to yourself… this is what I really would have wanted: it feels like less pressure, more fun.


WHERE. Where do you elope in 2020?

1. Choose an epic, beautiful landscape and have that wedding that you dream about where you hike to a gorgeous spot to celebrate your marriage.

2. Have a super sweet and simple backyard wedding with just a few friends and family members.

3. Choose an Airbnb that looks beautiful and special.

How many hours do I need to book photographers for?

1-2 hours for an elopement plan with just the ceremony photographed + couple portraits photographed + some family/friend photos…

2-4 hours for an elopement plan that feels like a mini wedding: the tail end of getting ready, a first look, a short ceremony, some family/friend photos, couple portraits, and the very beginning of a dinner or dance party.

WHEN to schedule your ceremony?

Think about scheduling the day around sunset for amazing lighting because you can! If you have a 7:30pm sunset the night of your wedding and you want 2 hours of photography captured, think about hiring your photographers from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

We hope this helps! Best of luck with your wedding plans. Feel free to leave a comment or question below.