Lake Tahoe Elopement // Sarah + Luke

Sarah and Luke planned an intimate wedding set at an airbnb on Lake Tahoe. After weeks of really bad wildfires in California with some of the worst smoke coming through Tahoe we all were on watch to see how this day would be looking. We arrived all feeling relieved to see blue skies, blue water, and the sun! Just in time for these two to experience the day without the stress of fires. You know… the way a wedding day should be.

Right away Jamie and I started grabbing detail shots and when we found Sarah’s wedding shoes, we were both so stoked. I mean I’ve never seen cooler bridal shoes! Not only are they really cool.. they also allowed us to ask Sarah to climb on different rocks for couple portraits. So we did. A lot. 🙂

Their ceremony was beautiful and we loved our sunset adventure with them. It was extra special to enjoy the sunlight that evening after dealing with smokey sunsets for weeks. Loved celebrating Sarah + Luke in Lake Tahoe!