Marin Headlands Elopement // Nancy + Jody

Nancy and Jody are the kind of people that are so nice that they glow! It’s a real thing, right!? Seen it with my eyes! They’re also crazy-cute and sweet together. I got to take Nancy + Jody’s engagement photos in Point Reyes before the crazy year of 2020 and LOVED my adventure with them!

As 2020 happened the way we all know it happened, their wedding plans unraveled. Then they made new plans and guess what… those unraveled too because of the California fires. Beautifully though, they had the most incredible, planned pretty last minute elopement to celebrate with their immediate families on the day they had always planned on getting married before 2020 hit. We helped them think through a ceremony location and Jamie took his first ever wedding video! Voila! Just like that, we’ve officially started including wedding films in our packages because of Nancy and Jody trusting us with their day.

You figure out why Nancy and Jody are the nicest people you’ve ever met when you arrive to their wedding and their families are all just like them: lovable, generous, and happy. The sweetest surprise I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding was when Nancy + Jody’s families arranged a whole line of cars to drive by the house right after we arrived from taking portraits at the Golden Gate Bridge. One by one their close friends and extended family drove by with signs, air hugs, and waves. There were a lot of tears and I’ll be honest… a lot of them were my tears.

The day ended with a sweet backyard reception at Nancy’s childhood home under some twinkle lights. Their two families hanging out like old friends and a couple of toasts that made me decide that intimate wedding days like these are actually my favorite. The big celebration comes next year, and I can’t wait for that too. Feeling so grateful that we got to witness this special day for Nancy + Jody and I think that after the 2019 engagement session, the 2020 elopement, and the 2021 bigger wedding, we’ll want to get together again in 2022. How about an anniversary dinner celebration at In and Out, Nancy + Jody? 🙂