Bernal Heights Proposal // Gavin + Kelly

Gavin pulled off the most incredible, detailed proposal plan with double surprises: at Bernal Heights and next then at the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve never seen anything like this: executed to perfection, leaving Kelly speechless all morning.

Gavin and Kelly had gotten really into the card game, Biblios– always bringing it around on weekend dates wherever their adventure led them. Gavin contacted Biblios to have some special cards made that were specific to Kelly and Gavin’s lives and man, did they deliver!! When it came time for the proposal, he’d be able to slip these cards into the deck to create the most magical, incredible moment. One of the best parts of this entire story is that SOMEHOW (don’t ask me how he did it), even though the locations were always different for their card games, Gavin had Kelly think that Bernal Heights was completely her idea on this Saturday morning. She showed up clueless about an entire plan based around Bernal Heights.


After Kelly was completely shocked and said the biggest YES, we lied to Kelly (all part of the plan!) and told Kelly that part of the package deal that Gavin booked with us was a second location for portraits at the Golden Gate Bridge. We showed up there as Gavin and Kelly’s families (a lot of whom had flown in for this event!) hid under a bunker so that Kelly could have her second huge surprise of the day: a celebration with all of their loved ones right after the proposal.

Writing this story down here for the blog post just puts me back into the moment of this amazing day. We LOVED Kelly’s reactions to everything– so genuinely surprised, emotional, and elated. Gavin NAILED it. And we were so lucky that we got to capture these sweet moments for these two. 🙂