Lucy + John // Fall Boston Wedding

A fall wedding in Boston with donuts and the sweetest couple!!! Yes, dreams come true. Lucy and John were amazing to work with. Also, I have never cried more during a wedding than this one. I couldn’t help but tear up as we edited the images too. Just so many incredibly sweet moments between Lucy, John, and their families.

ALSO… Some people have donuts at their wedding but not everyone chooses their venue *because* of the donuts. Yes, that’s Lucy and John… the couple who also got engaged just after getting donuts. I’ve always told Jamie that my love language is donuts, so this day I was feeling the love! I think I’m getting too excited about the donuts now, so I’ll move on.

Can’t wait for you to witness the most fun bride, who just before taking off her fit-bit did some last minute push-ups in her wedding dress. I think she also even likes donuts more than I do, which is amazing! I know I said that I’d stop talking about donuts, but I’m just staying relevant for this wedding… okay? 🙂

Lucy and John are incredibly close to their families and it shows in every moment on this day. One of my favorite parts of the day (other than the donuts) was the dance party that concluded the night. Loved seeing these two surrounded by friends and family as they danced the night away in the middle of a circle they created for them.