Brooke and Chandler // Lyons, Colorado Wedding

These awesome Kiwis moved from San Luis Obisbo, California, to Christchurch, New Zealand a few years ago. Chandler had just finished his degree in Architectual Engineering, and landed a job in Christchurch to help with rebuilding their city after a devastating earthquake hit in 2011. Sure enough, they quickly picked up an accent. We got together in Lyons, Colorado to celebrate Chandler and Brooke’s amazing wedding, but also to call out anytime we heard their accent come out. 🙂

They got married at a gorgeous venue, called River Bend and made a giant party out of the week! This wedding was extraordinary to be a part of. Jamie and I got to enjoy ourselves all week and then on the wedding day I was a bridesmaid and Jamie photographed the day. I only grabbed my camera for the first look(s), couple portraits and some dancing, so it was a completely amazing feeling getting to enjoy their day. Jamie did an incredible job capturing the amazingness of this day!!

Brooke is like a sister to me. We met during my freshman year of high school and her senior year. We were at a boarding school, so every night felt like a sleepover party (what’s homework?). When we roomed together, we made up rules like no touching the ground… so the messier we got, the better. Brooke was the leader in her community service class and she literally took me by the hand to walk me in and join the class. She introduced me to what became my favorite aspect of high school. Brooke continues to inspire me with with everything she’s doing in New Zealand and together, Chandler and Brooke make up the coolest team, doing so much good for the world. I think you’ll see right away how awesome these two are from the fake first look. 🙂

We’re so excited to be sharing these photos. We just love you, Brooke and Chandler, SO much… hopefully we’ll be seeing you in New Zealand sometime soon. 🙂

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