J&L // Honeymoon

We were gone for a while. We’re back… and this time we are Jamie and Lauren Eichar! Jamie and I got married on August 17th. Our wedding was more perfect than we could have imagined. It’s funny how after our countless hours of planning this 10 hour wedding, all of the little details didn’t matter in the end. We could have forgotten the spoons for the ice cream or had one bridesmaid in different shoes than the rest. But once I was walking towards Jamie on our wedding day with our amazing friends and family right there to support us, all that mattered in the world was that moment.

One of my close friends told me to try and hold the sweet moments on your wedding day and stay so present that you can bring yourself back to them later. I can do that with the moment that I walked towards my best friend to start our life together and I cry every time I get there again. For every single wedding that Jamie and I have photographed, the bride and groom have told us that the wedding day FLIES by. I have to tell you that my friend’s advice was amazing because it’s absolutely true that it flies by.

So hold those precious moments on your wedding day nice and close. When you’re walking towards the love of your life with your biggest supporter linked to your arm, slow down and embrace! Smile at your favorite people who are standing there, so excited for you that they made it work to get to your wedding. When you’re reading your promises to each other, slow down and soak in the love pouring out from your partner. And when your family shares killer speeches that you’ll want to have on repeat because they made you laugh and cry so hard, close your eyes and smile with gratitude.

Jamie and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. It was unbelievably gorgeous and we’re really excited to share some photos from our trip! Now that we’re back, we’re kicking off with our honeymoon post, but get excited about some amazing weddings and photo shoots coming soon to the blog!