Written by Jamie:

I’m pretty sure every single person that meets Lauren can’t help but smile around her. She is the reason that we are going to be successful in this business; she understands people. She knows how to connect with you on a level that is personal, even after only 15 minutes. How cool is that?!

Lauren loves loves loves her family, traveling, being in warm places (wink wink, those of you having destination weddings) and she makes a pretty dang good partner too. On top of her sweet personality she’s got the goods when it comes to understanding photography. Her eye doesn’t see things the way the average person’s would. She will notice the small things, the moments that really matter in your day. I love going through and seeing what she captured after each session because of the fun surprises I find each time.


Fun Facts about Lauren:

  • Lauren makes guacamole about 3 times a week. No joke.
  • Lauren coaches high school soccer in the spring.
  • She grew up with a rock climbing wall on the back of her house, a slide down to the basement and a room full of yoga balls to play in.
  • Lauren studied to be a teacher, but accidentally fell in love with photography.
  • Her favorite movies at the moment are “About Time”, and “We Bought A Zoo”
  • She met her neighbors from Maryland for the first time on Mt. Sinai, in Egypt.
  • Lauren grew up without a television- the kids in her family voted on that.
  • She was trained by Mia Hamm in 3rd grade – which means she schools me in soccer when we play.
  • One of Lauren’s favorite things is giving gifts. I like that about her. 🙂
  • The only three rules in her household growing up were; 1) Tell the truth. 2) Be nice. 3) No socks outside.


Written by Lauren:

Just like it was easy for me to fall in love with Jamie Eichar, it will be easy for you to fall in love with his photography and his way of working.

He is this goofy, skateboarding, diving, rock climbing, traveling, amazing photographer, guitar playing, sweet smiling guy that is a deep thinker with a sincerely caring personality. How does one person come with such great qualities and adventures? I ask myself that everyday.

Jamie started taking photos at the age of 14. He has a way of bringing creativity to each photo shoot and works his tail off to capture every moment beautifully. He has high standards for himself, as a true professional would. He has a calm and non-intrusive presence that helps people feel comfortable while he’s taking photos of them. 


Fun Facts about Jamie:

  • Jamie shops in the kids section at target.
  • Jamie once woke up with porcupine quills in his clothes after sleeping in the woods at camp.
  • His favorite movies at this moment are “500 Days of Summer”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, and “Toy Story 3”.
  • Two of his bucket list items are to have a climbing wall in his house and to own a sailboat.
  • When I yawn, Jamie calls the noise that I make “Norbert”.
  • He has a geographic tongue. It’s crazy— ask him to show it off sometime.
  • When he was a kid, he called himself “naked boy” and ran around naked… a lot. (Says his mom)
  • Jamie was coached by an Olympic diver in high school.
  • Jamie wants to build a tree house… like right now.
  • Without fail, every time I arrive at an airport to see Jamie, he gets me orange gerber daisies. Doesn’t he sound so very sweet!?

Photos by us, Phil Chester, Ali Brassel, Cadence Feely, and Julie Schoening

Lauren was a freshman in college, Jamie was a senior — their paths didn’t cross much during the year until they both left for their school’s China and Kazakhstan abroad. They were friends fastened at the hip: one nicknamed May and the other Hem, made “Mayhem”. They spent a lot of time together traveling around the countries, getting to know each other as close friends.

After the abroad, Jamie graduated and moved off to California, while Lauren was in St. Louis finishing up her degree in Education. They managed to stay in touch, which built to talking and catching up via Skype every day. While they were living cross country they would do what they appropriately deemed skating (Skype dating). Skating lasted for a while, eventually stretching from Jamie’s teaching job in Argentina to Lauren’s college track.

Finally, when Jamie was back from Argentina, they got to spend time together. It was 10 days filled with eating, gaming, camping, and family fun at the San Francisco Eichar household. Quickly these two had tripped into love. It wasn’t long before Jamie packed his bags and flew out to St. Louis to be with Lauren while she finished up her degree.

Jamie was trying to build up his photography experience and some friends asked him to photograph their wedding. Jamie didn’t have a backup photographer, so he asked Lauren to help him out. Stuck a camera in her hands and the rest is history!

What a fun way for Jamie and Lauren to be together and work in a creative outlet that they absolutely LOVE. Their fun and joy is contagious and radiates from those at the opposite end of their lenses. It didn’t take long for them to share their talent and love for photography as they started Eichar Photography.

We hope that when people see the photos that we take of them,
they see the beauty in themselves that everyone sees.