Emilee and Breslin // Queeny Park Wedding

We love that we get to show off people's wedding days as stories with our photos. And it feels like this set of images really helps tell Emilee and Breslin's story. They gave us the trust to tell the full story of their day, they let us go crazy with couple portraits all around our favorite spots in St. Louis, and when it rained, they embraced it like complete bosses. Yeah, I just called our clients bosses. But there doesn't seem to be a better way of describing these two. It's a funny thing when you're five minutes into taking some portraits with the only time you've allotted for these photos, and the wind picks up, the sky goes dark, and it starts to pour. Emilee and Breslin completely went with it. They didn't once ask about how hair or make-up was looking, they didn't take the umbrella that I offered about 25 times, and they just smiled and cuddled throughout the time for portraits. I mean, that's a lesson for life right there. :) By the way, you'll see that the sun came out during sunset, so we got to took advantage of that light for 10 minutes during their reception! We're so grateful to have worked with Emilee and Breslin after photographing the wedding of Breslin's brother, Ambers, just a year ago and finding ourselves in awe with both Ambers and his wife, Shannon, and their families. Some of the the kindest people we've ever met! Thanks so much for bringing us in to photograph your wedding day, Emilee and Breslin! It was an incredible day.