The Schoenings // San Francisco Family Session

Can't believe how incredibly lucky we are to have this sweet family in our lives. We loved all of our time with them this winter! We got to watch Wesley learn to say "MOOO" when we asked her what the cow says (it was actually more like "OOOMMM" but who cares... it was cute!), we got to feed her her first guacamole made by Aunt Lauren (I obviously have major pride there), we got to watch her learn to wave, we got to watch her learn to zombie crawl across the floor, and we got to force her to hold my hand a lot. Now that I've compared my sweet niece to a zombie I feel like I need to say more nice things about this family. The Schoenings have been living in Berkeley for a year and a half and they only have a million amazing friends. They adventure hard as a family, taking Wesley up mountains even if it's windy and rainy and they camp out on the coast with Wes... I mean seriously! Julie is non-stop making quilts for her millions of friends. Dan is killing it in business school. Okay, now go look at their sweetness from this hour long family session we had with them.