Thibault and Oksana // Botanical Gardens Proposal

Thibault is from France and Oksana, from Germany. They've been living in the US together after doing long distance for some time. And we so luckily got to witness their sweet love for each other. We worked with Thibault for weeks, planning out the best spot and timing to propose. He and Oksana are world travelers, so he wanted to take Oksana all around the Botanical Gardens to experience the different countries represented in the Gardens. We decided on the Japanese Gardens for the proposal spot and Jamie and I set up, hiding in two different places, across the pond from each other, to capture the moment of him getting down on one knee. I cried watching them from behind my camera, knowing how much they cared for each other, though having never met them before. We gave them an engagement session after the proposal, and they couldn't have been cuter and more giddy as they took photos.