Jen and Andre // Dancer Wedding

Andre shared with us the moment he decided to propose to Jen while they were living in Prague... and it's beautiful: 

"As we were talking and reminiscing, I was suddenly struck by a realization; a strong, calm sense of clarity telling me that the time [to propose] The feeling washed over me and I stood transfixed; somehow I managed to continue talking with Jen, without letting on that my entire worldview had just turned upside down. But it was a wonderful upside down, right, and exciting... In the midst of this personally epic, internal conflict wanders a party boat full of the aforementioned happy, beer guzzling tourists, blaring from its speakers "you're the one that I want..." from the movie Grease. Now, this is a song that Jen and I would sing to each other from time to time, and romantically identified with. That's what I had been waiting for; my sign from God, in gloriously ridiculous form. So I slipped a ring off my finger, got down on one knee, and asked for her hand... underneath an explosion of mascara and tears, she said ... yes."

Their love for each other is so big. And so amazing to photograph.

Jen and Andre made their wedding day about who they are. Every aspect of it was special and unique to them. We felt completely inspired by Jen and Andre.