Farhan and Anjali // Botanical Gardens Wedding in the Rain

We really like Anjali and Farhan. They are two incredibly sweet and selfless people. They looked after us all wedding long. Often they checked in with us, asking how we were doing, and making sure we were fed and happy. I mean, what bride and groom have time to be thinking about their photographers on their wedding day? 

The Mehndi (Friday night, and Part 1) was fun to capture. It turns out that Farhan is an awesome dancer. :) Jamie and I were really impressed. It was so easy to capture happy, candid moments all night long because the room was full of so much laughter and fun.

Their wedding day (Saturday, and Part 2) was magical. The rain was beautiful and Anjali and Farhan were such great sports about a ceremony in the rain. 

We're so excited to be sharing these!!

Part 1


Part 2