Katie and Andy // Seattle, Washington Wedding

Two warm souls celebrating their love in a gorgeous location. We love getting to photograph weddings like these. What stood out so much to me was that Katie and Andy spent every moment just enjoying each other and their loved ones. There was such a sense of ease to everything about their day. 

Katie and Andy we're non-stop smiles all day long. In fact, check out the beautiful smiles below and I promise you won't be able to find a photo of either of them without a smile on. 

Jamie and I ended up getting stuck in Seattle after this wedding, on Superbowl day because of a snow storm in Chicago and STL. And when I say stuck, I mean we very happily rearranged a few things so that we could hang with all of my family longer, eat lots of guacamole and cookie dough, and watch my brother play soccer. We can't wait to get "stuck" in Seattle again.