Tahnee and Peter // Vermont Wedding: Part 1

Happy two month wedding anniversary Tahnee and Peter!! We have been getting so excited about your photos and we can't wait to finally share these with you!

Tahnee and Peter got married in Pittsfield, Vermont at the gorgeous Riverside Farm. They had a two day wedding celebration with a combination of Indian traditions and Western celebrations. Today we'll be blogging photos from the Indian traditions and ceremonies and next week we'll be posting photos from parts of their civil ceremony and party. So stay tuned for more from their incredible fourth of July wedding weekend. Here are Tahnee and Peter's engagement photos.

This was our first Indian wedding, and Jamie and I fell in love with every aspect of it. We couldn't believe how much beauty there was in every moment. By the way, that's a photographer's dream! Tahnee and Peter's friends and family were radiant in beautifully colorful sarees and outfits, the details in the decorations were elegant and alive, and the location was Vermont for goodness sake! But I have to say that the real reason that this wedding was so amazing was the incredibly sweet Tahnee and Peter, who kept the weekend rolling as a giant party. I was so impressed by Tahnee and Peter's sense of fun during all of the traditions and ceremonies. They had such a go-with-the-flow attitude which is crucial when it comes to enjoying your wedding. Tahnee and Peter are the kind of people that you want to be friends with-- they draw amazing people in because they are genuinely happy and fun-loving people. My favorite parts of the wedding weekend were during those moments where we'd sneak away with them for portraits and we'd hear how they were feeling and what they were enjoying most.