Tahnee and Peter // Vermont Wedding: Part 2

Ok, time for Part 2 of this amazing weekend.

I'm pretty sure that Tahnee and Peter had everyone crying during their vows. They have been together for ten years now-- since high school. Their families are already close and Tahnee and Peter have an amazingly strong friendship. What a cool foundation for the life that they are going to have together.

Speeches were my favorite part of the evening reception. Peter's groomsmen stood up together and each shared a "Peter-ism", something that he does or says a lot (we discovered a few of our own as the weekend went on) and they gave him a gag gift with each action or saying. The best one: the guys will be catching up with Peter and ask him, "How's Tahnee doing?", and Peter's response is, "Tahnee... she's the best!". The guys gave Tahnee an award that read, "Tahnee #1" for that. 

It's pretty special witnessing a wedding with a camera in hand-- you're constantly noticing beauty and coming in closer to it. This wedding was no exception.