Tahnee and Peter // Washington D.C. Engagement Session

They picked this beautiful park in downtown D.C. for their engagement shoot-- it's called Meridian Hill Park. Jamie and I knew we liked these two a lot when they replied to our 'tell us about yourself' section on our website in details that really helped us get to know them. They are outdoorsy, super cute, city bikers, frisbee players, that work really hard doing what they love. They are 10 years strong-- started dating in high school! Peter just finished his first year of law school and Tahnee just finished her first year in medical school. We are SO excited to shoot their wedding ceremonies... that's right... more than one! Tahnee comes from an Indian background, so we feel lucky to get to shoot our first Sangeet. Check out the photos below to see how right we are about them being super cute. :)