Meghan and Andy // Glen Arbor, Michigan Wedding

On July 19th, Meghan and Andy got married in Glen Arbor, Michigan, at a beautiful venue called The Homestead. They were engaged for two years, so you can imagine how excited they were to finally get married after planning this spectacular wedding. Andy proposed in Northern Michigan when Meghan and I were both counselors at a summer camp. It was Meghan's day off, so he planned an absolutely perfect day that ended underneath the stars with a beach proposal. It's her all time favorite place in the world-- good job Andy. :)

Fun fact: Although Andy and I aren't related, we shared the same last name (until a month ago when Jamie and I got married). The last name is Furbush... not a common last name! Andy's brother recently married a girl named Lauren, so for a while there were two Lauren Furbush's! I loved getting to meet the whole Furbush family and the other Lauren Furbush-- they were so sweet! When spending time with my mom after this wedding, I told her how nice the Furbush family was and she looked at me for at least ten seconds... obviously so confused, and then realized I wasn't talking about our own family, but the other Furbs!

My favorite moment: As Meghan put on her wedding dress she was beaming! She grabbed her sister and mom's hands and said, "I'm putting my wedding dress on!!!! I can't believe this". It was so cute and sweet. She was giddy about all of the things you should be giddy about on your wedding day!